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No Period, Not Pregnant?

M.K. asks from Seattle

I'm five days late with my period, but I took a prego test when I was three days late. The test was negative, but I still have no period. I know, its only five days. ...


RE: Ovulation Predictors

G.M. asks from Boston

Hi all. When I was trying to get pregnant with my first child I ended up using chlomid as I did not ovulate on a regular basis. Now after having a child my periods ...


Why Doesn't Anyone LOVE Their Ob/gyn in Orlando?

M.M. asks from Orlando

I've been in Orlando over a year and have met tons of moms...but none of them "love" their ob/gyn. I've already been to 2 and either didn't care for the dr. or didn'...


How Long for Baby #2?

K.C. asks from Dallas

My husband and I have been trying for baby #2 for 5 months now...without success. I got pregnant with my first child 2 weeks after going off the pill. I know that c...


When Can I Test

I.K. asks from Las Vegas

I know its better to wait until my missed period but I'm so impatient lol My fiance and I have been trying for 2 months now. I already have a son but were ready for o...


When Do You Tell a Prospective Employer That You Are Pregnant?

S.G. asks from Chicago

I am 12 weeks pregnant, have my 2nd interview for a possible new job this afternoon. Do I tell them in this interview, or wait until I get an offer? I don't want to...


Need Advice on Prenatal Vitamins

D.S. asks from San Francisco

I'm trying to find the best prenatal vitamin for me - and am having a very hard time. I've bought several - but haven't started taking any of them yet. The "TwinLab" ...



B.E. asks from Washington DC

i need advice from moms tha had problems getting pregnant and that they found help out there tha i would like to be help because i want to have a baby


Need Some Advice

N.P. asks from Salt Lake City

I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with this kind of situation. I have a friend who has been in a situation that none of us would ever want to be in. ...


Severe Anxiety Since Having Baby

K.H. asks from Seattle

I have been having really bad anxiety for the last five months. since my baby was about three months old. I do suffer from ocd..that also seems worse since having my ...