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A.D. asks from Killeen

My husband and I have been using condoms as our form of protection because we just recently got health insurance. Now I am a week late and worried. We would like to h...


Its That a Positive HPT????

S.H. asks from Grand Rapids

Do these look positive to you? All results appeared within the 10 min. window time frame stated by the manufactures directions. Im just not sure after two years of tr...


Do You Think Im Pregnant!?

C.C. asks from Cleveland

i had sex on day 13 of my regualr 28 day cycle.. we used a condom but he took it off without me knowin.. i was almost 2 weeks late for my period and in this time i to...


"Low" HCG?

J.L. asks from Seattle

Hi Ladies, I'm currently pregnant with #2 (yay!!!!), but my doctor says that my HCG is low. A little background: My last period started on 3/16 and we actively t...


Child Support Dilemma...

M.K. asks from New York

I hope you are familiar with my previous post...I am currently living at home with my family to finish school. My boyfriend and I are still together and trying to wo...


Needing Perspective

H.P. asks from New York

Good evening Ladies!! So I am sitting here in London after just returning 4 days ago from our trip back home to the States for Christmas. I feel a GIANT wedge betw...


Am I Pregnant?

A.S. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi there, I am writing for some advice from other women who have struggled getting pregnant. My hubby and I have been trying for about 8 month now, and still nothing...


Seeking Low or Hormone-free Birth Control Options

T.S. asks from Salt Lake City

I just had my 2nd child and am looking for a hormone free or low hormone birth control option. Before I became pregnant I was using the para-guard and was satisfied ...


Can My Doctor Force Me to Be Induced?

C.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hello. I am 31 weeks pregnant. My last baby was 9 lbs. 6 0z. I gave birth to him naturally and we were both fine. (except for the horrible reaction I had to an epidu...


Child Custody (Unwed Mother) and Breastfeeding in Colorado

B.B. asks from Pueblo

I am a single, unwed, pregnant soon to be mama. It was a drunken one night stand. I told him I was pregnant. We tried dating, he didn't talk to me for 2 weeks then pr...