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Health Insurance

H.C. asks from Oklahoma City

It's after hours at my doctor's billing office so I figured I'd take to the Moms to get my question answered. If I add a secondary insurance am I still responsible fo...


Private Insurance?

C.L. asks from San Antonio

My good friend is getting ready to age out of her parent's health insurance. She works for a nonprofit as an independent contractor and no insurance is offered. She i...


State Insurance or Private Insurance???

C.D. asks from Dallas

I want opinions on what I should do. We currently have private insurance through my husbands job. We have the policy on the whole family. (me, hubby, son 1 and son 2...


Medical Insurance

G.L. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Mama's< I need some help my husband is diabetic and has hypertension, and we have no insurance and can't afford insurance. He does have medical but they want him ...


No Health Insurance

M.C. asks from Provo

Hi I wanted to become pregnant again this summer, but just found out yesterday that my husband's insurance at work does NOT cover maternity. (We just have a sort of "...


Insurance After an Accident?

J.S. asks from Springfield

I've had my car for about a week now, and was hit yesterday. The other driver's insurance is going to cover it and everything, but I am worried that I'm going to get ...


How was your experience with Jewelry Insurance?

L.B. asks from Dallas

Has anyone heard of this? My friend just got engaged and has a huge rock on her hand. She is worried sick that something is going to happen to it. Besides the stan...


Need Insurance

M.N. asks from San Diego

My oldest daughter is 9 yrs. old and her real father is a dead beat alcoholic. Well anyways cut to the point, he is not providing insurance for her the way he is supp...


Private Insurance

S.R. asks from Kansas City

Can anyone suggest a good private insurance? Here is the situation. I am going to be quitting my job next year so we want to switch to my DH insurance plan, only th...


Insurance Question

S.L. asks from San Francisco

Anyone have any insight on insurance billing? I fell down roller skating in May of last year. I had x-rays and such in Jun '09, and I am STILL getting bills. These wo...