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Life Insurance???

S.R. asks from Chicago

Im now looking to get life insurance. I know little of this can someone recommend a reputable company and share your experience with your agents?


Insurance Questions.

M.L. asks from Portland

hey M.. i was wondering who a good company was to go through to get health insurance for my husband and i. his work offers it but it is insanely expensive so we want ...


Homeowners Insurance

T.K. asks from Chicago

Ok.. getting frustrated. We need to get homeowners insurance before we move and I am not sure what we need? Too many numbers, it is really getting to me. So we hav...


Health Insurance

A.K. asks from Chicago

Hi, We are looking to switch to a different health insurance in the new year. My husband's work is way too expensive. Any recommendations?


Insurance After IVF

T.V. asks from Los Angeles

Hell, I was wondering if anyone out there has ever been denied health insurance because of IVF in the past? I had great health insurance until I quit working a coupl...


Automobile Insurance???

S.R. asks from Chicago

Can you negotiate with insurance agents,? Can they price match? Im trying to get the same coverage and obviously a good price, but not sure if insurance companies m...


Life Insurance

L.M. asks from Barnstable

Can anyone recommend who they use or life insurance? It is on my list of things to do this week and was looking some feedback. Do you term or whole? Thanks for you...


Pregnant with No Insurance

L.H. asks from San Antonio

I just took a pregnancy test and found out I am pregnant. My husband lost his job over a year ago and well decided cobra insurance was way to expensive and that we d...


Car Insurance

K.M. asks from Dallas

We are thinking about changing our Car and Home Insurance from Allstate to Progressive. Can anyone tell me if they have had good or bad experince with Progressive?


Looking for Insurance

B.F. asks from Dallas

We can only afford for my husband to cover himself with the insurance his job provides. So we are looking for health insurance me the kids and myself. We have applied...