Insurance Agent: Hydrocortisone

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Homeopathic Question

K.W. asks from Minneapolis

Hi there, I saw the question about homeopathic providers in the area and was wondering if insurance covers that. guessing I would say no but I want to be sure. My boy...


Diaper Rash?

J.S. asks from Dallas

My 6 month old daughter has what appears to be a rash but not quite a diaper rash. she has a few little bumps, can anyone tell me what this means? i would just take...


Skin Problems

L.F. asks from Charleston

My grandaughter has dealt with skins lsions on her legs for over three years, some times infection incurs because she says she cannot stop scractching , i have done e...


eczema...any Suggestions?

A.Z. asks from Green Bay

I have had eczema as long as I can remember and recently, my two year old has become afflicted as well...he keeps getting terrible rashes behind his knees. We have t...


Preschooler with Eczema: How Do You Handle the Scratching?

A.B. asks from Kansas City

Okay, my little guy has had eczema since he was 2 months old. He is now 26 months old. It has ranged from severe to hardly there, and we see a pediatric dermatologi...


Son W/ Eczema

F.G. asks from Salinas

Hey everyone. I have a 4 year old who has had eczema ever since he was a baby. It comes and goes. Usually really bad in the winter. Right now it is the worst it's...


Eczema AD

M.W. asks from Tulsa

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on dealing with Eczema AD? My son is 4 months now & we just went to the dermatologist. He told us waht products to use & cr...


My 2 Year Old Has Extremely Dry Skin, Any Recommendations on a Good Lotion?

R.W. asks from Jacksonville

Hello, My 2 year old has started getting dry patches all over, especially on his behind. He scratches so hard he draws blood. If I see him I always stop him, but he ...


Diaper Rash

C.G. asks from Cincinnati

My 2 month old son is experiencing diaper rash that just won't go away. I've been using A&D which worked well with my daughter, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I...