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Very Minor Accident - New Car Seat Necessary???

K.C. asks from Los Angeles

I need some advice. I have always heard that if you are in a car accident, you should get new car seats no matter what because you don't know about internal damage t...


Do I Need to Replace These Car Seats?

T.T. asks from Washington DC

Hi, everyone - Yesterday, I was rear-ended by someone at a four-way stop. I was stopped, and the guy behind me bumped into me. He wasn't going very fast - I thin...


What Type of Carseat to Buy?

J.C. asks from Phoenix

My son is 5.5 years old (45 lbs.) and my daughter is almost four (33 lbs). I would like to buy them both new carseats. We currently have our five year old in a boost...


What Does It Take to Get Carseats Replaced After an Accident?

J.F. asks from Bloomington

So I rear-ended someone tonight and wrecked the family car. Awesome. No one was hurt (other than my poor car I've had for 10 years). My 4 year old was in the car w...


Seeking Traveling Advice

S.S. asks from New York

My husband, 11 month old daughter and I are going to Ireland and Great Britain next month for a 10 day vacation. We bought her a seat on the plane and are planning o...


Traveling with Two in Car Seats

C.C. asks from Chicago

Hi. I have found lots of great tips on the site from moms who have traveled alone with 2+ kids (which has really boosted my confidence) but I have a few more questio...


Got in a Car Accident-should I Replace the Car Seats?

T.A. asks from Los Angeles

Yesterday, someone made a left turn and hit me, wrecking the whole left side of my SUV. My two boys were in the back seat (2-years-old/7-month-old) and are doing fin...


Do I Need New Car Seats?

J. asks from Chicago

I was recently involved in a low speed, low damage "fender bender". My air bags did not go off and there were no injuries. I was speaking to a friend about the accid...


Car Seat

N.H. asks from Corpus Christi

My son is 8 months old and weighs 22 pounds. It is time to buy a new car seat. I need suggestion on buying a convertible car seat. Currently we have the baby trend ca...


Carseats and Accidents??

J.C. asks from Chicago

Does anyone know if you are in an accident if you need to replace your carseats? We were recently in an accident and totalled the car - thankfully the kids were not ...