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HCG Injections - Help

M.R. asks from Minneapolis

I have a prescription for HCG injections to help with my infertility troubles. I am having trouble finding a pharmacy that carries this. Does anyone out there know ...


Seeking a Wonderful Caring Reproductive Endocrinologist or OB/GYN in Fort Worth

Y.D. asks from Dallas

Hi, Can anyone recommend a Reproductive Endocrinologist or OB/GYN in the Fort Worth area. I am specifically looking for someone who treats infertility. I basicall...


Clomid and Metformin

M.C. asks from Providence

I just started taking clomid and metformin for infertility due to PCOS (I don't quite understand how my body developed PCOS as I never had it before). I am having som...


Fertility questions/Insurance Coverage

H.M. asks from Los Angeles

My insurance doesn't cover infertility, even something as basic as blood work to test hormone levels. Does anyone know of a facility that is low cost for out-of-pock...


Good Dcotor for IUI in Plano/Frisco, Texas Area

N.B. asks from Dallas

I am looking for a good doctor for IUI in Plano/ Frisco area. i have unexplained infertility, so thinking of going for IUI now. Has anyone heard of Dr. Rinku Mehta ...


Surviving the Holidays

B.C. asks from Chicago

Anyone have tips on how to survive the holidays? My husband and I have been trying to have a baby with no success and I just can't deal with the questions ignorant r...


Can C-sections Affect Fertility?

M.C. asks from Tulsa

I am so confused and heartbroken. My hubby and I have been trying off and on for the last 6 months to conceive and it just isn't happening. We have 2 beautiful childr...


HSG Test

K.F. asks from Milwaukee

Hi everyone. I had an HSG test done last Tuesday to help determine the possible cause of my infertility. Ever since then, I have had a very strong odor. This is not...


Clomid and Multiples

B.B. asks from Portland

My doctor has just put me on metformin as the next step to help me get pregnant. He said that if after 3 months I haven't concieved the next step will be Clomid. I a...


Need Advice on Fertility Issue

L.L. asks from Dallas

Has anyone been to Dr. Karen Lee with DFW fertility associates? Trying for a second one and found out I am not ovulating. Tried a few rounds of clomid and HCG without...