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Fertility Issues: Need Advice on Finding an OBGYN in SL Valley

B.W. asks from Salt Lake City

I have been trying to get pregnant for the past fourteen months and have not been able to conceive. I had an OBGYN two years ago, but he quit his practice early last...


Trouble Getting Pregnant the 4Th Time?!?

E.K. asks from Indianapolis

I got pregnant with my first three kids the first month that we tried. We thought that the fourth time would be just as easy, but it has not been. They were born in...


One More Try

M.A. asks from Springfield

I'll try this one more time! I've posted two questions on here since moving to the Springfield area from St. Louis, and no one has answered me. :( My questions must b...


Looking for Support

J.W. asks from Atlanta

Hi Ladies. I'm looking for a support group for women who are having infertility problems. My husband and I are on our 3rd cycle of Femara (Clomid type drug) and we'...



T.M. asks from Los Angeles

I've been trying to get pregnant for 6 years now. I am blessed with two beautiful girls ages 14 & 9. My husband and I wanted one more. While going through this pro...


Lack of Sex

C.J. asks from Los Angeles

We have been married 26 years...Sex was never any big deal to me. But my husband used to be like the pirates of the carribien.. where the lady is chasing the man all ...


Career or Baby

T.K. asks from Columbus

I'm 25 years old and getting ready to finish college. My husband is several years older than me and we've been together for 4 years. I know that I'm young, but I've h...


How Was Your Endometriosis Diagnosed?

M.R. asks from Kansas City

I've had pretty bad cramps since my period started At age 14 and they have only gotten worse. I've had infertility issues and since the birth of my daughter I have h...


Worried About TTC

A.C. asks from Seattle

My husband and I are going to start ttc later this summer (hopefully) and I'm worried that its going to be really difficult. He will be 25 and I will be 23. Neither o...


Mistaking How Far Along You Are?

M.F. asks from Bangor

Hi moms, I have written about my sil before and always had such great feedback I wanted to try again. Briefly to catch you up, after a miscarriage, 14 months of infer...