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Older Mom Seeking Advice on IVF

A.C. asks from Nashville

I'm experiencing "unexplained" secondary infertility. We've been through seven months of clomid, three with IUI. (We conceived our son with no problems.) Next step is...



S.T. asks from New York

Looking to hear others experience of treatment if you conceived by IVF. I had two cycles of infertility treatment by using the Gonfal-F pen followed by insemination. ...


Birth Control Pills? Depo Shot? What to Do

N.S. asks from Dallas

Hello Ladies, I am reaching out to you ladies for Birth Control Options. I have been having horrible periods that last for 6-9 days with tons of pain. I am not...


Fertility Issues for Women with Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome (POS)

G.C. asks from New York

Has anyone who was diagnosed with POS (Polycystic ovaries syndrome) been able to get pregnant and what was the wait time and complication with diabetes, heart disease...


Does Anyone Have MTHFR -Blood Clotting ?

E.R. asks from Los Angeles

My best friend was just diagnosed with MTHFR (I think i have that right) due to blood clotting. She has had 3 miscarriages and is now pregnant - She has seen OB, Infe...


Looking for an AWESOME OB/GYN in SLC Area

H.J. asks from Salt Lake City

My husband and I have been through several rounds of infertility treatments and were basically told that we could NOT get pregnant. Flash forward 3 years and we now ...


Needing Some Support

K.G. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of any Infertility Support Groups out there or on-line forums to go to for support? We have had 4 failed IUI's and we're getting ready for our first...


Seeking Info on PCOS and Dr. in the St. Louis Area

V.B. asks from St. Louis

Hi, I have been diagnosed with PCOS about 7 months ago. I curetnly am taking metphorman and clomid (150) and still am not ovulating. My OB wants me to seek out a sp...


Getting Pregnant with PCOD

S.B. asks from Columbus

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Disease June '06. My Dr prescribed Avandia to breakup the cysts and I was able to get pregnant 2 months later, I now have a be...


Is HSG a Safe procedure...I Also Need Natural Ways to Lower My Testoterone Level

T.W. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms! I need your help..Me and my husband have been trying to have a baby now for almost a year and no luck yet. I went to a infertility specialist and she re...