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Looking for an Infant Convertible Seat

P.P. asks from New York

I am looking for any recommendations on infant convertible seats. There are so many different brands and styles. I checked out consumer reports but I am still havin...


Infant Car Seat

C.G. asks from Austin

Hi Mamas, I no longer need my infant car seat but was wondering what I can do with it? I hear that most places like good will won't take them b/c they don't know if...


How Do You Know When Your Baby Has Outgrown His Infant Car Seat?

L.K. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Wise Moms, I'm a first time mom and don't have many mom friends so forgive me if this is a silly question. How do we know if our 7 month old son is outgrowing ...


Your Favorite Infant Carseat?

C.R. asks from Detroit

My 2004 Graco travel system served me well, but I let go of the infant seat when my second child ourgrew it. I am left with a (Graco?) snap-and-go stroller that I muc...


Infant Carseat Question

N.D. asks from Washington DC

Okay I have a question for you today ladies. We just pulled out our infant seat. It is the kind that comes with the travel stroller. So it says that it was made May ...


Infant Sleeping in Parents' Bed

J.S. asks from Sacramento

Quick question for moms out there who slept with their newborn/infant. What worked for you in terms of keeping baby safe while sleeping in your bed? Did you use an in...


Infant Car Seat

B.W. asks from Chicago

I need an infant car seat that works well in a compact car. Small car drivers, what do you use? Are there any seats that only work well in larger vehicles?


Infant Massage or Chiropractic

C.B. asks from Des Moines

My sister has a 3mth old little boy with colic and was reading that infant massage and chiropractic help with this. Does anyone know of someone who does this, or has ...


Infant Potty Training

L.R. asks from McAllen

Does anyone know anything about infant potty training? Has anyone tried starting late, say, 6 months? I'd appreciate your feedback on the topic--preferably if you hav...


Infant Potty Training

A.A. asks from Savannah

Has anyone tried the idea of infant potty training? I have recently discovered the idea and have been trying to research it a little online. It sounds interesting, ...