Infant: Steroids

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Advice on Well Baby Does If Deliveried as Soon as 32 Weeks Old????

C.W. asks from Minneapolis

I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant(with my 2nd baby) I have developed the early stages of preclampia. After being admitted for the 2nd time on thursday for high blood pr...


Adrenal Failure and Labor

A.G. asks from Boca Raton

Earlier in my pregnancy I had to take prednisone 25 mg for 3 days due to a bad case of bronchitis. My OB thinks that I am at risk for adrenal failure during delivery...


Homeopathic Doctor for Infant with Severe Eczema

S.S. asks from Phoenix

Hi, I am looking for a homeopathic doctor who is willing to see my 4 month old little boy. Our doctor is too anxious to just prescribe steroids to "see" if it helps....


Baby Eczema Keeps Coming Back with a Vengence. Help!

N.F. asks from Reno

My baby has pretty severe eczema on her face! the doc told me to use Hydrocortizone for flare ups and keep her skin hydrated all the time. That is what we've been doi...


A Small Baby

E.Z. asks from Indianapolis

Hello Mommies, I am 32 weeks pregnant now, expecting in February. 2 weeks ago we did an ultrasound to check on the baby based on my request, we found out that the ba...


How Do I Take Care of Infant's Skin?

H. asks from Provo

My little boy is almost 2 months old. He has been through so much recently including a RSV scare... so my attention has been elsewhere to say the least. He had pret...


Advice on Cradle Cap, Baby Acne or Ras - on Face

H.B. asks from San Francisco

My son Zachary is 10 weeks old - he is quite healthy - almost 13lbs/24 inches at his two month check up. He has had the acne and overall dry blotchy skin - now weepy ...


Eczema in 2 1/2 Year Old

J.W. asks from Duluth

Hello moms, my son has been battling eczema for the past few weeks now. We've been to the doctor once and the doctor suggested doing some at home treatments at the mo...


Allergies on a 9 Month Old Baby Boy Etc....

M.W. asks from Chicago

So i have a baby boy as some of you already know... H ea has been struggling for now 4 months with excsema on his face and back got some prescribed lotion from his pe...


REALLY Hungry Baby

B.B. asks from New York

I was over at a friends house and she has a very hungry baby. He is 16 months old and appears healthy and active although he is very heavy. She said he is off the c...