Infant: Squirt Guns

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Party for Teens

M.O. asks from Provo

My 14 year old daughter wants to have a party with friends before they go back to school. They have a great group of friends (about 20) including boys and girls. Sh...


Looking for Used Toys for 1 Year Old

N.A. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, I am in desperate need of outdoor toys for my one year old daughter, I went to alot of stores and seen alot of wonderful outdoor toys for her but its too e...


Tips for Terrible Two's

A.G. asks from Sarasota

Now that I am getting closer to the end of my second pregnancy(so close but so far away) my 22 month old tantums are getting much worse. I know that part of my proble...


On a Mission to Enjoy Our Kids More! What Are Your Tips?

S.K. asks from Dallas

Mamas, I had a realization today. My husband and I LOVE our boys, that goes without saying. But we don't enjoy them enough. There is always so much to do, we are t...


Birthday Gift Favors

C.T. asks from Detroit

My baby is turning one in 3 weeks and my daughter 3 in 3 months. ive always hate comming up with stuff for the gift bags, for the other kids.(i know you dont have to,...


What to Get a 3 Year Old Boy for Birthday Besides a Bike or Thomas the Train Set

H.K. asks from Gainesville

are there any new toys out that your little toddler just loved? We have his birthday coming up on the 31 of this month. He has too much thomas the tank stuff, but tha...


Swimming in a Pool While Having a Sinus Infection/fever/taking Antibiotics

Y.D. asks from Chicago

Hello moms, I'm having my son't birthday party tomorrow and we were planning on having the kids play in the swimming pool. My almost 3 year old has a sinus infection...


Baptism plus 1St and Second Birthday Celebration

K.B. asks from Indianapolis

Hi ladies! My family is coming into town and we're combining the baptsims, to which we're only inviting family. Then we come home and have about 2 1/2hrs to nap th...


Keep Them Outside!!

J.M. asks from Los Angeles

We are having a BBQ this weekend and the weather is going to be beautiful. There will be about 8 or 9 kids here ranging from 3-9 (3 are mine) and I want them to stay...


Activities for My 7 Year Old Niece to Do.

M.P. asks from Provo

Ok I've asked a similar post, but it was during rainy weather. I am yet again watching my niece for who knows how long while we wait for an opening in her daycare day...