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Looking for Preschool for 4 Year Old Son

A.M. asks from Columbus

Hello. I am in the Reynoldsburg area and I have no idea how to go about getting my son into preschool. Are there any affordable ones out there? We can't afford too mu...


Inducing Labor

B.C. asks from Chicago

Is it safe to induce Labor yourself and if so how?


Sharing Daycare

K. asks from Minneapolis

Hi all. I've posted before looking for childcare and after much time searching, I've decided to create the kind of daycare I was looking for. We have another parent...


Having Trouble Finding a Mattress to Fit Tightly in My New Crib

M.B. asks from Milwaukee

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone is having the same experience that I'm having with a crib I bought at Target, the Simplicity Ellis 4-in-1 crib that was in the...


I Need a Good Pediatrician, Please Help!

E.S. asks from Oklahoma City

Hello, I used to use Dr. Lepley as my pediatrician before I moved away from Oklahoma. I have recently moved back to Oklahoma and since I have been back I have not bee...


Seeking Advice on Cribs

M.S. asks from Chicago

Hi. We're starting to look at nursery furniture and I was wondering if you had any advice as far as cribs go. Maybe some you definately love, some to stay away from...


Needing GOOD Family Photographer

A.L. asks from Dallas

I am looking for a photographer in the Garland (and surrounding) area. We are going to do a family portrait in the spring and want someone good but not way over price...


Selecting a Crib Mattress

M.K. asks from Las Vegas

What crib mattress did you choose and why? Are there any good websites that have rated crib mattresses? If you got an organic one please tell me which one.


Need Recommendations for a Caring Obgyn in Little Rock, AR

V.R. asks from Little Rock

I am five months pregnant and needing to switch to an obgyn that I can feel more comfortable with. My current doctor has a lot of patients and it seems she is never a...



A.S. asks from Chicago

I am new to the area and am trying to find CNM who does homebirths. I am willing to actually move if needed to be closer to one. I am also interested in WaterBirth an...