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Any Other Moms Have Babies on Nutramigen with Rice Cereal and Zantac?

D.K. asks from San Francisco

My 4 month old baby girl has has acid reflux since she was born. We tried all sorts of things but what seemed to work was the combination of Zantac twice a day and Nu...


Good Start Formula vs Similac vs Nutramigen

P.D. asks from Lake Charles

I have been breastfeeding my daughter pretty much exclusively until about 6 weeks old when I started supplementing more with formula. I had tried the Similac Advanced...


Nutramigen? Has Anyone Used This?

S.S. asks from Davenport

Right now my son is on soy formula from good start and is doing well with it but,I'm on a wic program that doesn't pay for that kind of formula.They are asking that I...


Nutramigen Vs. Alimentum

K.L. asks from Tampa

My 5 week old has been through 4 formulas (Similac Adv., Enfamil Gentlease, Enfamil AR, and Isomil). The next step is hypoallergenic formula. Has anyone had any suc...


Infant Reflux

S.R. asks from Cleveland

does anyone know about infant reflux?people keep telling my daughter(2 months today!)who i am breastfeeding has infant reflux. she gets fussy about 15-20mins after nu...


Infant Gas

L.P. asks from Appleton

Does anybody have any suggestions to help with infant gas? I give my seven week old mylicon and try to watch what I eat (he's exclusively breastfed), but even if I ea...


1 Year Old Drinking Nutramigen Formula ....what Do I Give Her Next?

J.T. asks from Phoenix

I was told she has a milk/protein allergy so we put her on the nutramigen, but what do I move her onto? She can't have soy or cows milk so now what? She eats solids b...


What Is Good to Feed My 6 Month Old Baby That Is on Nutramigen?

T.S. asks from Orlando

Everytime i give her baby good she seems to spit up more and she seems to poop a lot more and runny.


Infant Massage or Chiropractic

C.B. asks from Des Moines

My sister has a 3mth old little boy with colic and was reading that infant massage and chiropractic help with this. Does anyone know of someone who does this, or has ...


What Products to Use for an Infant Who Has a Rash

K.W. asks from Las Vegas

Hi I was wondering what products many of you recommend for an infant (2 month old) who has a very bad sandpaper like rash all over her body. Her back is actually pee...