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Help! Infant Is constipated....diluted Apple Juice Ok?

S.B. asks from Dallas

my little girl has been straining for about 25 minutes now. has anyone given apple juice (diluted or not) to an infant, and did it work?


Constipated Baby

N.L. asks from Philadelphia

Any advice on what I can do for my baby that just cant make a bowel movement without hurting......she is on Soy and takes Zantac twice a day for Acid Reflux. The doc...


Seeking Other Moms' That Have Dealt with Chronic Constipation in Their Infant

A.M. asks from Memphis

Our beautiful little girl has had problems since she was about 2 months old with easily getting constipated. We had a really frustrating time getting anyone to take ...


Need Advice on Infant Constipation

S.N. asks from Sharon

My 2 month old son has had a problem with bowel movements for 3 weeks now. At first the dr. said to give him an enema, so we did that a few times but heard they can c...


Constipation in Breastfed Infant

C.R. asks from Oklahoma City

My son is three months old and is having problems with constipation. He's strictly breastfed, and he used to go on his own every 5 or 6 days, which our doc said was n...


Help with Infant Constipation

J.B. asks from San Francisco

I have an eight month old boy who has been battling constipation ever since he switched from breast milk to formula, which occurred when he was five months old. We h...


Breastfed Infant with Gas/BM Problems--please Help!

A.L. asks from Seattle

I have a three month old baby who is strictly breastfed. Recently, he started having really bad gas and it smells horrible! He has a hard time passing it and he als...


Seeking Help with Infant Constipation and Formula Suggestions

M.C. asks from Charlotte

I have a 2.5 mo old with constipation issues. I have consulted the pediatrician and their suggestions have not been successful. They have not recommended a specific...


"Seeking Advice for Baby's Constipation"

J. asks from Dallas

My nearly seven month old daughter has just begun eating baby food. She has had terrible problems with constipation. She is straining really hard, but not able to g...


Poor Baby Can't Poo :(

M.B. asks from Orlando

My 5 month old is only breastfed and she hasn't pooped in 3 days. I know she's uncomfortable because he tries to push and then cries. I've tried peddling her legs, ru...