Infant: Miralax

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How Long Does It Take Miralax to Work on a Toddler?

D.M. asks from Boston

My 2 yr old daughter has been very constipated for the last two days. She says it hurts to poop so her pedi suggested Miralax (once a day/half a cap full). I'm just...


How Much Miralax Should I Give My 6 Yo?

E.V. asks from Los Angeles

I have a stopped up little girl who is just recently out of pull-ups for BM's and is scared, therefore, resistant to "let it go" in the potty. Her Ped suggested Mira...


My 15-Month Old Has Chronic Constipation - How to Give Her Miralax W/o a Bottle?

H.W. asks from Seattle

Hello all, My 15-year old has been on Miralax since she was six months old. She has a "very slow gut." And, gets backed up very easily. We give her Miralax in he...


Infant Constipation

S.M. asks from Greensboro

I have a 15 week old precious daughter who seems to me to be constipated. I nurse her only once in the morning and pump breastmilk and feed her a bottle during the d...


Infant Constipation

A.R. asks from Cincinnati

My baby girl is 5 months old and is having problems with constipation. The poor thing just cries and cries when she tries to go. She is breast/formula fed and she d...


Infant Constipation

T.S. asks from Portland

My 3 month old daughter seems to be having some constipation problems. She normally goes atleast once a day. But lately she has only been going every 3 days or so. ...


Infant with Constipation

T.M. asks from Charlotte

Hello. My little boy is almost 11 months and has always been irregular when it came to his dirty diapers, but now it down right hurts (both him and me). He has recent...


Infant Constipation

E.T. asks from Los Angeles

i'm a new mom who has a five mos old girl(formular fed). my daughter usually have a bowel movement every other day but sometimes longer. doctor suggests equal part of...


Infant Constipation

J.S. asks from Tampa

Do all 6 month olds (or infants) have constipation? It seems that my 6 month old daughter who I have breastfed since birth is now getting some solids in her feeding ...


Infant Very Fussy

K.L. asks from St. Louis

I'm just trying to figure out what my 3 week old needs! She seems very fussy like she wants to eat,but when I give her a bottle she spits up and gets hick ups afterwa...