Infant: Maalox

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Serious Case of Diaper Rash & Di

S.F. asks from Los Angeles

I would greatly appreciate anybody out there who has feedback on this issue. I have already been to doctor. My 11month old little boy has had diahrea for 6 days which...


Bad Rash on Baby's Bottom

L.V. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi Mommies, My soon to be 1 yr old had a nasty yeast rash on his bottom and it is spreading to the whole diaper area. He was on an antibiotic about 2 months ago and...


Baby with Rash and Cold Symptoms

J.B. asks from St. Louis

My 8-month old daughter just started day care this week, and after four days, we're already experiencing some signs of sickness. She's had a red rash on her cheek fo...


Best Diaper Rash Cream and Baby Wipes?

B.B. asks from Dallas

My 17 mo. old developed a diaper rash yesterday. He rarely gets a rash, but when he does, they're bad. He usually onlt gets a rash if he has diarrhea, which he does...


Acid Reflux

K.S. asks from Philadelphia

My 7 month old daughter was diagnosed with acid reflux last week. Her symptoms are difficulty swallowing breastmilk and formula at times, coughing alot and gagging w...


Giving Baby Boy More "Air Time"

L.. asks from Raleigh

Hi Mamas! I have a 13 week old son, and we've been working with a mild case of diaper rash. The creams only do so much, so I'd like to give him more "air time" b...


Is It Normal for My Baby to Have Diaper Rash When Taking Antibiotics?

H.B. asks from Dallas

My 9 month old daughter started taking antibiotics for a sinus infection yesterday. This morning she woke up with major diaper rash. She has never had it before; sh...


Not Pooping

L.A. asks from New York

My son is almost 4 months old. He used to have a bowel movement every other day or so but for the past month his system has completely changed. He has gone 6 days w...


My 7 Week Old Has Stopped Eating

J.S. asks from Sarasota

My 7 week old recently stopped eating. Two weeks ago she was eating 3 oz every three hours. It took her anywhere from 20 to 30 min to finish. Two Saturdays ago she ju...


7 Week Old Miserable, Not Tolerating Formula... Any Thoughts?

R.M. asks from Boston

My baby is almost 8 weeks old, she was born 5 weeks early. She is formula fed (I was unable to breastfeed). Started on similac, then went to similac sensitive becau...