Infant: Luvs

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Making My Baby Wish List... What Are Your Must-haves?

N.G. asks from Dallas

I'm 17 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first boy, my third child. My youngest daughter is 5 1/2 so it's been a while since I've done the baby thing, and I have absolutely...


Best Diapers for Infant Girl.

M.C. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 5 month old little girl. We are currently using Pampers diapers. She sleeps through the night usually at least 9 hours. Nearly every morning she wakes up wet...


What Diapers Do You Use?? (Edited)

K.B. asks from Minneapolis

I currently use Pampers or Huggies. However, I would like to save alittle money on diapers since my 6 month old is already going into size 4 diapers (thanks to her c...


Poop Question

M.A. asks from Missoula

My 4 month old is still having watery/seedy poops but about 75% of them leak out of the diaper. He is breastfed and about 16 pounds. Wondering if this is a diaper iss...


Diaper Rash

E.H. asks from Milwaukee

my daughter recently moved up in size in diapers a couple days ago. when i moved her up i changed to LUVS and she got a really bad diaper rash that is just now starti...


What Is Your Favorite Diaper Brand?

M.B. asks from Grand Rapids

I have always used Pampers and now that my daughter is bigger the quantity of diapers per package has dropped. It has caused me to reconsider...are the brands that co...


Baby Registry Help

B.R. asks from Dallas

We are expecting our first child. I am starting to register and I was wondering some items that are 'must haves' and some that we should skip. Any advice is greatly...


What Size Should I Get My Son

J.F. asks from Saginaw

Hello again. I am coming on to ask what size diapers and what brand you all recommend. I put him in a size 3 right now. But he keeps leaking through to his clothes. I...


WalMart Diapers?

L.L. asks from Rochester

I used to use Luvs, until I realized how much cheaper Up and Up (Target) diapers were...bought one box to give them a try, and I liked them better than Luvs. No leak...


Anyone Have Experience with Costco Brand Diapers?

C.M. asks from Chicago

My daughter, who just turned 2, has always been in Pampers diapers until about a month ago. I started using Luvs mainly because they are much more affordable than Pa...