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Moving Baby (14 Months) to Own Room

M.S. asks from Washington DC

First of all, please dont scold me. I know it was not the best thing to do but but my baby sleeps with us. I have a 5 year old that does too but I already know how ...


Nervous Wreck-baby Constantly Getting Sick and Growth Has Leveled Off

W.T. asks from New York

My nearly 9 month old son has had one virus after the next ever since he started day care (three days a week). Though he is very petite (my husband and i come from a ...


New Babies = Hand Me Downs :O)

K.T. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, we are in the process of adopting an amost 2 year old and a newborn (born in Nov). We have nothing for the newborn and are in need of clothes for our older sweet...


Recommendations on Diapers for Heavy Wetters.

C.B. asks from Detroit

Does anyone have a recommendation for diapers that work good for heavy wetters? My son is 3 mo old and is leaking almost everyday. I've tried Pampers in 2's and 3's...


Need Advice

T.E. asks from Richmond

My son whom is 7yrs old.. Does not like to go out side much to play with the kids in the area, He luv to play his video game and watch Tv.. Should I be concerned that...


OMG: I Can't Find a Diaper That Doesn't Leak....

A.J. asks from Sacramento

Ok Mom's I need some advice..I can't seem to find a diaper that doesn't leak for my 9 week 12ish lb little boy. I never had this problem with my first son. We used Pa...


Boy Diaper Problems

R.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hi! I have a 8 month old little boy and he wakes up with wet clothes in the am from his diaper leaking over night. He does have a belly so the diaper does not go up o...


Sippy Cup Advice - Ones That Dont Leak

L.W. asks from Cincinnati

What kind of Sippy cup should I buy for my 8 month old baby? I bought Luv N' Care Nuby Two Handle Sippy Cup and paid like $7 for one of them and the thing leaks ALL t...


Suggestions on Getting Baby to Take a Bottle Easier.

A.K. asks from Lewiston

Help. I just went back to work two weeks ago. I have my 2 mo. old in daycare. She did okay on a bottle at first, now she wont take it much at all. She has a hard ...


What Do You Keep? - Kid Keepsakes

S.J. asks from St. Louis

Responses to my other post are prompting me to ask this question: When your kids make you something, how do you choose what to keep and what to toss? Do you onl...