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Baby Shower Gift

A. asks from Lakeland

My husbands best friends wife is 8 months pregnant, and her MIL is planning her a baby shower. I have already bought about $40 worth of stuff that I have already give...


Baby Has a Terrible Diaper Rash...

H.L. asks from Washington DC

I am wondering if anyone has a good cure for diaper rash. I am trying to allow my baby's bottom to get air, applying Balmex, and changing him frequently. I am seein...


Creative Baby Shower Gift

J.N. asks from Phoenix

Hi Moms, I am looking to put together a creative baby shower gift for a friend who is having her first child. Have you attended a recent shower and thought, "wow ...


Formula Feeding My Baby, HELP!

K.L. asks from San Diego

We are expecting our first baby very soon, and I am in need of help in figuring out the whole formula/bottle thing. I had breast surgery five years ago, and won't be...


What Should I Take with Me on My Vacation to Florida for My Baby?

R.W. asks from Tulsa

I'm taking a one week trip with my best friend to Florida to visit her dad's next month. I'm taking my 6 month old daughter with me on the plane. I was just wondering...


New Mom and Baby Registry

L.J. asks from Cincinnati

I will be having my first child in December and I am attempting to create a baby registry. I thought this process would be easy and it's actually harder than I though...


Seeking a Unique Baby Gift

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

One of my close friends (and also my daughter's Godmother)is due in February and I wanted to come up with a unique gift for her. For my baby shower her and her husba...


Baby Shower Gift Question

B.S. asks from Lansing

So my friends and I are going in on a gift and what I planned on picking up is no longer available. Someone else got it first. There are a couple other things but t...


Registering for Baby Shower

A.D. asks from Sacramento

I am registering for my baby shower and it is super overwhelming. I am a first time mom so am of course confused about what I need and do not need. I am going to re...


Registering for Baby Help!!

B.F. asks from Baton Rouge

Hello everyone! I am very new to the boards and am seeking out your help. I am currently pregnant with my first baby and my husband and I just found out we are havin...