Infant: Graco Safeseat

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Rear Facing Convertible for Small Car?

R.O. asks from Tucson

My 18lb, 29inch daughter will be 13 months old on Saturday. We are aware of the recommendations to now keep children rear-facing as long as possible and plan to do so...


Graco Snugride or Safeseat?

K.M. asks from San Francisco

Do you have one of the following: Graco Snugride (up to 22lbs), the Snugride 32 (up to 32lbs), and the Safeseat (up to 30lbs)? What made you decide to go with the on...


Which Car Seat Should We Purchase??

D.L. asks from Wilmington

My husband and I are on the quest to find the perfect car seat. We have narrowed it down to Britax but don't know if we should get the Marathon or Boulevard. I've h...


Car Seat for 9 Month Old

S.S. asks from Seattle

My daughter will be 9 months tomorrow and she is getting way to big for her car seat. I really want to get her a big girl seat and not really sure what appropriate ag...


Is the More Expensive Car Seat Worth It?

C.E. asks from Minneapolis

it's time for our almost 10 month old to trade up car seats! i've heard that the britax car seat is the best...i'm wondering about other peoples it wo...


Next Car Seat

D.E. asks from Dallas

We are about to purchase a new car seat for our one year old. We are trying to decide what brand to get and whether or not to get the convertible or not. Any sugges...


Car Seat Suggestions?

K.B. asks from Hattiesburg

What is your favorite car seat? I need something EASY! My daughter will be 1 next month. I really don't want to spend $250 on a seat. THANKS!


Convertible Carseats

J.H. asks from Visalia

I've just started my research because my son is quickly outgrowing his travel system. I figured where better to get REAL info than from moms that have used them. Wh...


Car Seat Recommendation

G.M. asks from Boston

Hi all. My daughter is almost 9.5 mos old and has already outgrown her carseat. She is too tall for it. She is 29" long! And 19.5lbs. I am looking for another one - a...


Britax Car Seat? Car Seat for Air Travel?

L.B. asks from Fort Wayne

Hi ladies, we are in the process of looking for a new car seat for one of our cars. I read a request and lots of responses a couple days ago about reviews of converti...