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Looking for a Bakery in South Bay Area (Between S.J. and Palo Alto)...

S.G. asks from San Francisco

I have been looking for a bakery that makes great birthday cakes....cakes that taste great and look great (I traditionally design my own cake decorations and purchase...


Help, My Arms Are Soooo Tired!!!

K.M. asks from Dallas

Hi There, Wondering if any Mammas out there have one year old seems to want me to CONSTANTLY hold her. Not sure if this is teething or if she is...


Need OBGYN Who Delivers at Harris

A.D. asks from Dallas

I am new to Fort Worth and just found out I am pregnant. I would like to deliver at Harris Hospital (in the hospital district). Any OBGYN recommendations would be gre...


Birth Control over Getting Tubes Tied!!

K.C. asks from Columbus

I have a 10 year old son and am pregnant with my second due in 7 weeks. I have been planning on having my tubes tied after this one. But my dr keeps trying to suggest...


Chicco Polly Highchair

T.O. asks from Minneapolis

We are considering buying the Chicco Polly Highchair, but just can't decide yet. We don't know anyone that has one and would like to know if any of you own it and if...


10 Month Old Insists on Being on Her Feet. Should I Get a Harness? Help!

N.M. asks from Washington DC

Though I didn't specifically encourage it, my daughter started walking at 8 months. She is 10 months old now and very steady on her feet but it is almost impossible t...


Keeping 16 Month Old Occupied While Camping!!

L.P. asks from Denver

Hi ladies, has anyone been camping with a toddler? I'm wondering how to keep my man contained and entertained while camping this summer. Thinking of getting one of ...


Need to Pick a Carseat and a Stroller

D.W. asks from Phoenix

I am looking for a sturdy, but light weight, stroller that will recline into a completely flat position. I am really suprised that I am having a hard time finding th...


Kids Won't Eat; Getting Deficiencies

J.O. asks from Detroit

My kids won't eat food. They will happily eat cupcakes and ice cream all day, or anything that's junk. And they only want to eat on the living room floor, which is g...


Tips for Disney with Young Kids

A.B. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi There, My parents are taking my whole family to Disney in a few weeks. This is awesome, except that my kids are little young for it. They are 4, 2 and 10 mont...