Infant: First Years

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Breastfed Baby Refusing to Eat from a Bottle

O.C. asks from Corpus Christi

My baby will be three months old this week and she refuses to take a bottle. This is an issue since I have returned to work and she will not eat while I am gone (up t...


Infant Refuses Bottle - HELP!

D.B. asks from Dallas

I breastfeed exclusively. Since I will be returning to work soon, we have started offering our daughter a bottle once a day to get her used to it. (No formula--I pu...


Need Baby Gate for Top of Stairs (Only Drywall, No Studs)

G.R. asks from Atlanta

Can anyone recommend a baby gate for the top of stairs that can be hardware mounted where there is only drywall and no stud?


Baby Gates

S.M. asks from Phoenix

I need to buy two baby gates I need to block my baby out of the kitchen. I am looking to get some used ones. I have looked in Craig's list but cannot find anything th...


Advice on "No Cry Sleep Solution" - How to Put Baby to Bed Awake

S.S. asks from New York

Our baby was born 10 weeks premature. His corrected age is 2.5 months. He came home from the hospital 4 weeks before his due date, so he has been home with us for abo...


Infant Drinks Formula Too Fast

P.R. asks from San Antonio

My month and a half baby drinks his milk extremely too fast to the point that he starts to choke. I´ve been using the slow flow nipple and have tried different bottl...


6 Month Old Refuses Bottles and Baby Food

J.L. asks from Anchorage

My daughter used take a bottle just fine then at 3 months she just stopped. I have tried since then to get her to take them again and she wont have anything to do wit...


Baby Monitor

K.Y. asks from Norfolk

Hi, I am looking into buying a new baby monitor. I am looking for one that you can use either an ac adaptor or batteries for both the baby unit/base and the paren...


PLEASE Help!! 14 Month Baby and I Need to Sleep Through the Night!!

C.N. asks from Los Angeles

Hola dear parents! this is my first time writing on here. I need help especially from those of you who went through something similar. At this moment I'm in the b...


Baby Refuses the Bottle

M.D. asks from Denver

I have a 3 month old daughter who I have been solely breastfeeding. I will be returning to work full time in about 6 weeks and my daughter refuses to take the bottle...