Infant: First Years

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What Do You Really Need for an Infant?

L.L. asks from Hartford

So it's been 8 years since I last had a baby to care for. I am expecting again and am at a loss for what I really need and trying to prioritize. I have looked at many...


Beyond Infant Car Seats

J.B. asks from San Diego

So my LO is ready for the next stage of car seat. I am interested in the Britax Frontier and Graco Nautilus. Any thoughs? I travel a lot with the llittle guy and t...


Supplementing My Baby

J.L. asks from Charleston

I am currently breastfeeding my 2 1/2 month old baby girl. I went to the doctor's yesterday because I haven't been feeling well, and found out I have pneumonia and a...


Baby Questions

L.B. asks from Dallas

My 12 day old baby loves the swing and her vibrating bouncy seat. I am a first time long is okay for them to be in these things???? Also on bottles do mos...


Baby Monitors

A.P. asks from Sarasota

I have put off buying a baby monitor because of all the pros and cons and not being able to decide which one to get. Does anyone have a prefrence or recomendation? I ...


Baby Crying

E.G. asks from Chicago

Hello, I have a 6 week old baby boy and for the past few days hes been crying non stop!! I dont know whats wrong with him I feel bad. I try everything. He only wants ...


Ear Tubes for an Infant

K.C. asks from Waterloo

My 10 month old daughter has been having a really hard time this winter, she has had everything from tonsilitis, croup (which she was in the hospital for this last we...


Will a Flat Infant Head Correct Itself?

J.W. asks from Portland

If a baby's head is flat in the back will this reshape over time? I have a 3 month old that has a flat head from the back caused by sleeping on the back and sitting i...


8 Week Old Infant Won't Sleep in Crib

S.M. asks from Madison

My 8 week old baby will not sleep in his crib. I'm having the most problems with getting him down for naps as he wants to sleep in the Baby Bjorn or while lying on s...


Getting Baby to Take Bottle

L.C. asks from Sioux Falls

How do I get my breastfed infant to take a bottle?