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Food Allergies in 16 Month Old

K.M. asks from Norfolk

When my daughter was around 9 months old we began supplementing breast milk with formula and learned that she has a dairy allergy. We saw an allergist at 12 months a...


Seeking Help About a Baby That Cant Have Soy or Regular Milk

A.S. asks from Chicago

My son is 16 mons old and we are having a lot of problems with milk and soy milk. His drs keep telling me that he will grow out of it or the one even told me that kid...


Peanut Allergic Infant

D.M. asks from Sacramento

looking for info on peanut allergic infants.. my 7 month old son reacted badly to a cookie and DR says to treat as allergic until blood tests prove otherwise. Idk wh...


Sick 8 Month Old Baby Girl, Help!

A.D. asks from Dayton

My 8 month old daughter Layla cannot tolerate any kind of formula, so I strictly breastfeed her and feed her baby food, just straight vegetables and fruits. Well once...


OMG! NEVER Again Will I Leave the House Without My (Insert Baby Item Here)......

R.S. asks from New York

Hi moms! Ok, when it comes to packing a diaper bag, I think I'm pretty good. I mean, don't wanna brag or nothing, bit with both my babies I set up organized, color...


What Are These Red Bumps on My Baby?

C.L. asks from Columbus

Over the weekend, my 1 y/o daughter broke out in red bumps across her back & shoulders. It started spreading down her arms and there were a few random bumps on her b...


An Always Sick Baby

J.S. asks from Omaha

I have a 15 month old son who has been sick almost constantly for 6 months now. First it was his ears so we got tubes put in. Now it is like his sinuses are always ...


10 Month Old Baby Vomiting

T.R. asks from Phoenix

my 10 month old son just woke up an puked everywhere (in his crib and all over me when pulled him out) he has never been sick before until recently he had runny nose ...


Medicine on Hand?

R.. asks from Chattanooga

I was told that it was a good idea to keep a generic allergy medicine on hand, in case my 11 month DD gets stung by a bee, bit by an ant, stuff like that. No one in m...


Early Kindergarten or Not? Also, Food Allergy and Schools.

M.O. asks from Phoenix

Well, I'm sort of torn on what to do over here. For a few years, I have done in home childcare/preschool for both my son and other people's children. For my son bei...