Infant: Epi Pen

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Trouble with MIL

J.C. asks from Medford

Long story short - I do not trust my mother in law with my children. She is upset with my husband and I for not allowing her to watch our children (we let my parents...


Wheat- Free Products?

H.H. asks from Cincinnati

Help! I just had my baby girl tested for food allergies and found out she is highly allergic to peanuts and wheat! also, dogs but that came out not so bad! The docter...


Baby with a Milk Allergy

J.P. asks from Kansas City

I have an 8 month old with a milk allergy. He cannot have anything that contains milk or he gets really sick, vomits, rash, diarrhea and swelling. I am out of ideas...


EpiPen For First Time Infant Nut Use?

S.S. asks from Atlanta

Should we have an EpiPen on hand for the first time our 1-year old tries nuts? Hubby is in food service and they just had a guest die after incidental consumption. ...


Why Is My Son Getting hives...had Allergy Testing for Food Came Back Negative

C.C. asks from Philadelphia

Ok now for about 6 months very sporadic my middle child is getting hives. He had blood test on some food yesterday he he bad the skin test everything came back normal...


Baby with Food Allergies - Any Advice Appreciated

M.W. asks from San Diego

We've just found out that, after an allergy test, our 10 month old is allergic to eggs, wheat and dairy. He had a severe allergic reaction and rushed to ER after eati...


Tube Fed Baby

K.C. asks from Cleveland

I have a 15 month old son who was diagnosed with severe acid reflux when he was 3 months old. He has been tube fed his whole life pretty much. I have been working w...


How to Find Desperately Needed ME TIME. Infant with a Newly Dia. Peanut Allergy

M.O. asks from Chicago

OK, so I have 3 kids - 7, 5 and almost 1. The 1 yr old has completely turned our "normal world" upside down. First with respiratory complications after delivery and...


Gestational Diabetes at 18 Weeks

R.F. asks from Detroit

I am 18 weeks pregnant and found out today that I have gestational diabetes. I have a 2.5 year old, and when he was 6 months old I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, w...


Baby Allergies

J.L. asks from Salt Lake City

How much children's benadryl can i give my 21 pound 10 month old son