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My 8 Mo. Old Has Outgrown Her Infant Tub

A.F. asks from Burlington

My almost 8 month old daughter is just too big for her bathtub and our kitchen sink is too small to bathe her in as well. She can sit up really well (if she's really...


Infant in Lap Vs. Seat on Plane

D.M. asks from San Francisco

We have always bought plane tickets for our kids when they were infants. I tend to be ultra cautious, and having them in a car seat in the plane seemed safest. Ho...


Nebulizing Baby While Pregnant

K.D. asks from Denver

Does anyone know a good way to nebulize a baby without having to breathe in the medicine? Also, are there good activities to do to help with the last few minutes of ...


When Did You Start Brushing the Baby's Teeth?

I.B. asks from New York

I know you're supposed to start brushing after the first tooth came out. But I don't believe everyone is doing that. So WHEN DID YOU start brushing the baby's teeth?...


Your Baby Can Read

W.N. asks from Seattle

Has anyone tried "Your baby can read"? We can't decide about it. We are trying not to have our daughter watch tv in general but are intrigued with the learning pote...


How Did You Have Time Breastfeed Baby #3?

M.M. asks from Chicago

I am pregnant with my third baby. My oldest will be just about to turn 6 and my other little guy will be 2.5 when I have the baby. I am really worried about breastfee...


How to Care for Toddler While Baby Nurses

E.M. asks from New York

I have a 26-month-old daughter and a 1-month-old son. My daughter was initially very excited about the baby, happy, and cooperative. However, I think the "honeymoon...


"Your Baby Can Read"

A.T. asks from Provo

I watched a program on TV the other day called "your baby can read". Basically you can buy this program that has movies, books, and notecards that can teach your baby...


My 16 Month Old Baby Boy Not Talking Much Im Worried What There Going to Tell Me

M.G. asks from Los Angeles

my 16 month old baby not paying attention to me at all.... he does not point either he babas and pappas and loves elmo and tries to sing like chalalalal elmos world ...


Potty Training - Baby Alive Doll? Movies?

C.A. asks from Portland

I found a really great site that said getting a potty doll is a must for an autistic child. He is four and very visual. My question is is this Baby Alive potty doll w...