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Baby Food: Pre-made or Make It for My 6 Month Old?

F.D. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mommies, I have a beautiful 6 month old and we're just starting her on baby food. I've been using organic store-bought baby vegetables such as peas, squash, and s...


Baby Meats

A.M. asks from Chicago

I started my 5 month old on solids a while ago and we have been working our way through a variety of different types of baby foods. I recently tried Gerber Chicken a...


Did Your Child Eat Store-bought Baby Food or Homemade Puree and Are They Picky?

H.L. asks from Portland

It would be fun to see how many "real" food puree eaters are picky after the baby food stage vs. commercial jar baby food eaters. Either way is healthy, but for taste...


Nature's One Organic Formula for Baby?

Z.L. asks from Denver

Sadly I have thrown in the towel for breastfeeding my twins, age 6 months. I have started them on Nature's One formula - the can says that it is "Toddler Formula" bu...


Refuses to Eat Baby Food...

N.S. asks from Philadelphia

Hello, My son is almost 9 months old and is just learning to chew and is refusing to eat his pureed dinners. I mostly give him Earth Best Organic stage 2 dinners. He...


What Now?

L.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms. My daughter is 7 months old and we've been introducing her to solids. She's still not quite buying into it. I've been using Earth's Best organics. We've ...


Brushing Baby's First Tooth

N.S. asks from Panama City

My boy is 4 months old and at the age of 3 months he got his first tooth after 2 weeks he got his second tooth and now i am wondering if i should brush them with the ...


What Was Your Baby's First Solid Food?

W.S. asks from Columbia

I am going to start my 6mo son on solids next week. I am curious as to what was your child's first solid and why. Rice cereal seems to be the obvious answer, but I ha...


Looking for Organic Lotion/soap for Baby

F.U. asks from Chicago

I have a preemie in the NICU who is now big enough to get baths! The hospital uses Johnson and Johnson. I am pretty big on organic/all natural products. The nurse tol...


Making Your Own Baby Food

A.A. asks from Cleveland

I've been considering making my daughter's food...she is now almost 6 months and I work with a dietitian and he really has me thinking. I know that it's cheaper..but...