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Organic Shops in or Around Cleveland Ohio with Baby Supplies

S.J. asks from Cleveland

Pretty much looking for a store to find organic baby foods and formula in and around cleveland ohio...mostly looking for a organic soy formula with probiotics in it :...


Acne/Rash From Soy Formula?

T.B. asks from Los Angeles

I've had to supplement with formula as I'm not producing enough at the moment. I gave my daughter a soy formula (earth's best brand) one night. My husband used a lact...


California Baby

J.D. asks from Boise

Does anyone know anything about California Baby products? Or do you have any recommendations for natural baby products? I wouldn't mind trying some and I'm just not...


Food for Traveling Infant

M.G. asks from Columbus

Hi all, We are moving to Germany in a month (military) and clearing housing a couple weeks before. I am currently making all my own food for my six and a half mo...


6 Month Old Refuses to Eat Baby Food

L.M. asks from San Francisco

My 6 month old is exclusively breastfeeding. I have been attempting baby food (rice cereal, veggies, fruit) for two weeks and my daughter holds her mouth shut and re...


Help My Baby Poop!

E.K. asks from Seattle

So I hope this isn't nasty, but my baby (5 months old) is going on day 3 without pooping. This is extremely odd for her; normally, she is a big time pooper (multiple...


Baby Food

P.K. asks from Miami

My doctor said that is time for my 6 months old baby to start eating some chicken, ham and turkey. Besides gerber food can anyone tell me how should I introduce that...


Baby Food

A.F. asks from New York

Where do you think is the most economical store to buy baby food? The supermarket usually isn't the best. Most of my friends with babies say Babies 'R Us. I thought C...


Seeking Recommendations for All-natural, Organic Baby Products

G.S. asks from San Francisco

I have just begun reading Gorgeously Green and was APPALLED over the label-reading I have done on the baby products in my home. I can't believe my beloved Cetaphil c...


Baby Doesn't Eat

J.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, my baby is almost 1 and she is not eating solids. She takes her formula and she will eat yogurt and fruit babyfood. But, she will not eat anything with texture. S...