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Does Mrsa Ever Go Away?

L.S. asks from Pittsburgh

So this past summer my daughter, then 18 mths got a terrible diaper rash wihile we were at the beach and it ended up being mrsa. She took the antibiotics and it went ...


My Baby Wakes up Wet Every Night?

G.S. asks from Sacramento

For the last week my daughter, who is 10 months old, has been waking up every morning soaking wet. This just started about 5 days ago, but it has been happening every...


Is It Too Soon to Potty Train My 19 Month Baby

O.S. asks from Charlotte

My son is 19 months and he takes his diapers off when they are wet and even sometime in the middle of the night. He can already undress himself and partcially dress h...


Seeking Cloth Diapers

J.M. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know where to obtain cloth diapers (gently used okay) for a new mother who has fallen on hard times? Dad and Mom are currently unemployed and can't affor...


Cloth Diapers and Carseats

K. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, We're expecting our third baby this winter and we've decided to cloth diaper this time. I've done lots of research, but the more I read the more indecisi...


Have You Heard of or Tried This Organic Crib Mattress?

K.O. asks from San Francisco

Natural rubber and organic wool infant mattress by Pixel Organic ...


Year One Clothes Amount

K.C. asks from San Francisco

I am doing a project on the cost of a child in the first year of their life. In the first year how many clothes does a baby need?


Cloth Diapers for a Heavy Wetter?

L.L. asks from Seattle

I currently use bumgenious and fuzzybunz pocket diapers for my 11 month old. During the day, I use both the one-size microfiber liner and the infant size microfiber ...


Prefolds or Flats for Newborn?

T.H. asks from Las Vegas

Hi Moms, I just found out I am pregnant again. Only 4 weeks along. I have been cloth diapering my son since he was almost 4 months. We have been using bumGeniu...


Cloth Diapers?

A.C. asks from Phoenix

I have a 4 week old baby and have been thinking about using cloth diapers. I am wondering if anyone has used them, your experiences, the brands that you liked the be...