Infant: BumGenius

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Qustion for Fellow Cloth Diapering Mamas

A.S. asks from San Diego

Hello fellow cloth diapering mamas. I use bumgenius 3.0 diapers and wanted to know of who uses Bi O Kleen detergent what was the outcome. I specifically want to know ...


Help Me with My Leaky Night Time diaper.....(Moms W/ Infant Boys Please Reply)

D.S. asks from San Francisco

Every night I put my 1yr old son into a huggies night time diaper (size 4). Each morning he wakes up soiled up to his arm pit in pee from his leaky diaper. For some r...


Cloth Diaper Tips for Formula-fed Baby?

R.R. asks from Burlington

Someone recently posted a question about tips for washing cloth diapers for a breastfed baby. There were lots of great responses, but I have the same question for my ...


Cloth Diapers for Older Baby

L.C. asks from Duluth

Hi everyone! I have a great 14 month old daughter who has used Bum Genius one size diapers and we love them. However, they are already starting to get too small. I...


Cloth Diaper Help

H.H. asks from Detroit

I am looking into starting to use cloth diapers for my 7 month old daughter. I have ordered a few bumgenius one-size diapers, but was wondering if anyone could give ...


Which Is Good Cloth/cover Diaper for Newborn?

C.L. asks from Boston

:o) I start use cloth diaper on my son (now 2 yrs) when he was 1 yr old. The brand of pocket diapers I use on him is BumGenius (one size), Fuzzi Bunz and Rumpster (a...


Cloth Diaper Washing

A.K. asks from Green Bay

What detergents have you used to wash cloth diapers? I guess we're looking for one that works well (strong enough) but rinses well (doesn't leave residue). Some of th...


Cloth Diapers

J.G. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms!! I just signed up for the "Changing Diapers, Changing Minds" program through Jillian's Drawers as I am expecting my second child in the next 3 weeks. I fig...


A Few Cloth Diapering Questions

E.H. asks from Portland

Hello Mamas! After having a diaper service for the past three months, I am now starting my own cloth diapering journey using pockets and AIOs. But I have a few que...


HELP! My Dgt Has to Has DDH and Now Will Need a Spica Cast!!

L.S. asks from Indianapolis

Hey moms out there that have been where I'm sitting today... I'm so scared and worried and can't believe this is happening to us. My dgt is 5 1/2 months and we've kn...