Infant: BumGenius

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Suggestions for Baby Registery

A.T. asks from Fort Wayne

It has been a long time since we've had a baby in the house, we already have the crib and other "major" items, but I wanted to hear from you mom's if there is anythin...


Cloth Diapers

K.R. asks from Denver

I'm looking into using the bumgenius 4.0 cloth diapers. What do you do with them until you wash them. How does the diaper pail system work? Any advice on snaps vs ...


Looking for "Green" Diapers or Cloth Diapers

M.B. asks from Los Angeles

just wondering if anyone out there has a favorite brand they like. i've been looking at g diapers, kushies, bumGenius, nature baby, etc. i've always been a fan of h...


Cloth Diapers

K.C. asks from Columbus

Does anyone use bumGenius cloth diapers? If so, how do you care for yours? Do you use a particular detergent or cycle? The web site says to use detergent free from p...


Comparing All-in-One Diapering Systems

M.O. asks from Raleigh

We are in the market to buy diapers for my grandchild. My daughter and I have narrowed it down to 4 different kinds: 2 organic and 2 not organic. We would like opin...


Cloth Diapering

W.C. asks from Lexington

My daughter is nearly 6 mos old and I'd really like to get into cloth diapering, but we're always on the go and need something easy for dad and babysitters too....I t...


5Th Baby and Having Baby Shower

J.R. asks from Decatur

I am pregnant with my 5th and final child and my sister has decided to give me a baby shower at the end of the month. This baby is a boy, and so are the rest of my ch...


Cloth Diapers Vs. Disposable Diapers??

K.R. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone, I joined a little while ago but I now have my first question! How many of you use cloth diapers instead of disposables? Would you mind sharing your exper...


Cloth Diapers

A.D. asks from Dallas

Does anybody use cloth diapers? I am the only mom I know who doesn't use some sort of disposable diapers and sometimes I feel a lack of support. We use the Bumgeniu...


Talk to Me About Diapers

A.M. asks from Chicago

I recently quit my job and my son is now out of daycare so I can start using cloth diapers. I'm thinking about buying bumGenius 3.0 ... how do I know what brand or 't...