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2Nd Baby Shower and Don't Know the Sex

M.J. asks from Los Angeles

A friend of mine offered to throw me a baby shower for my second baby. I have a daughter who will be 2-1/2 when the baby is born, so we still have most of the basics....


Seeking Out a Great Double Stroller for a 21/2Yearold and Infant

J.S. asks from Phoenix

I would like to knwo what double stroller you all might use. I havea 21/2 year old and a newborn. I am torn about what to get for traveling adn for every day use. ...


Toddler Boy with Baby Doll

C.L. asks from Sioux City

My one year old son is very interested in babies, barbies, and baby dolls. I was wondering if it is normal. He has a "glow worm" which he sleeps with. I wonder if I s...


Must Have Baby Products

M.W. asks from Los Angeles

I am a first time Mom going through books and lists of must have baby items. Any advice of what you really should have and what you don't need so urgently for the fir...


Seeking Advice About Infant Safety with Pesticides

K.T. asks from Los Angeles

I have an eight month old son and our family is considering getting the house fumigated to rid of all bugs. I am concerned about health risks to our son and welcome ...


Advice on a Double Stroller for a Baby and a Toddler

J.K. asks from Los Angeles

I am wondering about recommendations for a double stroller. I have a 2 year old that will be close to 3 when I have a second baby in October. She is petite and stil...


First Baby room...What Do I Need?

A.M. asks from Tampa

I am pregnant and will soon need to get my baby's room together. What things do I need? What things will make my life easier? I guess this doesn't just involve th...


Wondering About Your Baby Can Read

B.S. asks from Chicago

We are thinking of getting the series "Your Baby Can Read". I am a teacher and one of my colleagues told me that his nephew was able to read at 2. I was wondering i...


Your Baby Can Read

W.N. asks from Seattle

Has anyone tried "Your baby can read"? We can't decide about it. We are trying not to have our daughter watch tv in general but are intrigued with the learning pote...


Looking for Double Stroller That Fits Graco Infant Car Seat and a Toddler to Sit

H.L. asks from Austin

It looks like I will be having my 3rd child tonight and I have a 21 months old daughter...yet I still do not have a double stroller to lug them around. Could anyone ...