Infant: Benadryl

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Baby with Hives?

M.O. asks from Albuquerque

Hi. My 5-month-old baby seems to keep getting what looks like Hives. I took him to the Pediatrician, and he said it looked like Hives too. But, the Dr. didn't real...


Baby on Airplaine

S.C. asks from Los Angeles

Taking our 11 month old on a 12 hour plane ride. I'm a little afraid that baby might get an earache on take off or landing, I have heard this is a common problem. O...


How to handle eczema on infant?

S.R. asks from Boston

My baby was diagnosed with Eczema when she was 3 months.She is now 4 1/2 months.We are using hydrolatum on her body which gives her relief but my concern is I end up ...


Traveling with Baby

M.P. asks from Los Angeles

I am currently contemplating a trip for my family over spring break. My daughter is 7 and my son will be 16 months old. I have never traveled with a baby before and...


Infant Hates Car Rides

L.M. asks from San Antonio

my dd is four months old and cries everytime regardless of length of trip. I make sure she is fed before leaving but still cries. We have a eight hour trip for a wedd...


Sick Baby

A.W. asks from Atlanta

I took my 7 month old to the dr last Wednesday (almost a week ago) as he was coughing pretty badly. The dr told me he has bronchiolitis. She then recommended the flu ...


Air Travel with Infant

S.M. asks from Philadelphia

I just booked a trip and need to book airfare. I will most likely being flying with United because I have a ton of free miles I plan to use. My son is 14 weeks and ...


Infant Sleep Patterns

C. asks from Charlotte

I don't know which question to ask first. My son has no schedule or natural pattern of sleep what-so-ever. He is 6 weeks old and does not seem to be sleeping well a...


Need Advice on Infant Cough

A.B. asks from Dallas

I have a 3 mo. old little boy who has had a cough for about three weeks now. The doctor told us to give him Tylenol Cold and Cough which we did and it didn't seem to...


My Infant Has Major "Gunk" Again, What Can I Do?

H.B. asks from Dallas

Hello Moms! Ok, I am sure I am not the only child with this problem- especially since we live in the dfw area. It has gone from 80 degrees to 20 degrees in one wee...