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Need Opinions on a Good Breastpump for Going Back to Work.

K.G. asks from Chicago

Hi... I will be going back to work on April 1 and would like to start pumping now so I can have a small supply and then I will continue pumping probably three times w...


Has Anyone Used Avent Isis IQ Duo Breastpump?

M.M. asks from Minneapolis

I was wondering if anyone has used the Avent Isis IQ duo electric breastpump and how you liked it. With my first I used the Ameda Purely Yours and it worked fine; ho...


Breastpump Supplies

E.W. asks from Detroit

Do you know of any place selling Medela or Ameda items cheaply, on sale or discount.


My Baby Won't Latch On!

T.M. asks from Washington DC

I have a 3 week old baby boy. He has been mostly bottle fed, which the nurses started in the hospital to make a wet diaper. I have been pumping milk, which isn't muc...


Which of These Pumps?

A.A. asks from Tulsa

So thanks to your suggestions, I gave my insurance a call and due to good timing they now will buy me a breastpump! My options are: Ameda Purely Yours Electric Pump...


Baby Refuses the Bottle

M.D. asks from Denver

I have a 3 month old daughter who I have been solely breastfeeding. I will be returning to work full time in about 6 weeks and my daughter refuses to take the bottle...


Best Baby Bottles

L.M. asks from Knoxville

I have a two week old that is a wonderful breast-feeder. I am wanting to introduce a bottle that is most like the breast so dad can feed if necessary. Do you have s...


Info on Breastpumps

S.R. asks from Indianapolis

I an in the process of researching breastpumps. I have looked at several different websites, read some reviews etc. I was wondering what others recommend. I was not a...


Anyone Have a Baby in SLC I Can Borrow? J/K

J.P. asks from Boise

Okay, I am away from my 6 month old for the first time, traveling for work. My pump just isn't cutting it. It has been over 24 hours and I have more than 36 left be...


First Time Breastfeeder!!

N.M. asks from Philadelphia

I am about 5 weeks away from my expected due date and am having major anxiety about breastfeeding. First of all I am very scared of the whole thing but want to try my...