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Potty Training a Boy?

K.M. asks from Richmond

I am having trouble potty training my 2 1/2 year old son. I have a sticker chart that is a sky that he puts air planes on when he sits or goes on/in the potty. I also...


Potty Training?

H.D. asks from Dallas

Hi, moms! This is kind of long but I am very anxious about this. This is for those of you with little ones you've recently potty trained. My son is 22 mo. and my pedi...


Any Ideas to Get My 3-Yr-old to Poop on Potty?

A.M. asks from Dayton

Hello, ladies. My 3-yr-old son is wearing underware during the day. He pees in the toilet when he has to go, and has not had an accident in a long time. (I used M&M's...


Air Traveling for the 1St Time.

J.I. asks from Washington DC

Hello, I have 19 month old boy and we are going a little vacation. But this is our first time traveling by air with our son. I was wondering if any one had any good t...


New Baby

J.M. asks from Tyler

I am wondering if you have any ideas on how to prepare my 20 month old for a new baby. She will be two when the baby is born. I want her to feel like she is still o...


Toothbrushing Nightmare

C.M. asks from Atlanta

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a 3-year-old to willingly brush her teeth? She has always hated it, even though I have tried the kiddie tooth brush and...


Peanut Allergy

J.C. asks from Champaign

Hi, my two and half year old daughter has peanut allergy and it's very stressful dealing with the day to day life. We live in a small town so people are not very awa...


Bed Rest

K.F. asks from Chicago

I am 31 weeks pregnant and after a scare with pre-term labor, I am on home bed rest until the baby arrives. The problem is that I will not be able to attend our birt...


Potty Training

K.A. asks from Asheville

My daughter turned 3 the beginning of Aug. She did really well adjusting to her new toddler bed instead of a crib. But her little potty seat is another story. She cri...


Spotting at 11 Weeks

K.J. asks from Portland

I am currently 11.5 weeks into my second pregnancy and this morning I had some light spotting. It hasn't been constant all day and is brownish/pink rather than red, ...