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Entertaining Toddlers on 12 Hour Trip

S.M. asks from Denver

We are going to be taking a road trip in the next two weeks and I am looking for ideas to keep my two and three year old girls entertained. I look forward to reading...


Seeking Advice on Air Travel with a 7 Month Old

D.G. asks from Chicago

We are traveling to Arizona next month and at our daughter's six month appointment we realized that she will not be able to be in her car seat carrier for more than a...


Seeking Travel Advice for a Pregnant Mom with a Toddler

L.K. asks from Dallas

I am traveling with my 2 year old and I am pregnant. My husband is not flying with us. What is your advice on how to get the car seat around the airport. We don't ...


How to Keep My Preschoolers Busy on a Long Road Trip

J.M. asks from Phoenix

Our family is planning a road trip to Tennessee in a couple of weeks and I wondered if anyone had any good ideas about how to keep the kids from whining the whole way...


Upcoming 10 Day Trip to Utah

L.H. asks from San Antonio

Hi Everyone, We are about to take our first major trip with our 16 month old son to Utah. (Fortunately, we are flying so I don't have to worry about a 24 hour roa...


Long Plane Trip with Very Difficult Toddler

X.W. asks from Pocatello

We are planning a trip to South America to visit family. I have a 3 year old daughter that is a screamer and tantrum thrower when she doesn't get her way. She used to...


Seeking INFO on How to Travel with 9 Month Old Twins...

A.B. asks from Las Vegas

Hello. I'm going to be traveling with my 9 month old twins in August. I would like any tips or suggestions on how to travel with children. My doctor has suggested ...


Travel Trailer Sleeping Ideas for 14 Month Old

J.K. asks from Seattle

We just bought a travel trailer which we took out for our first camping trip this last weekend. My fourteen month old loved it, but bedtime became very difficult. A...


Airline Travel with a 2 1/2 Year old...Yikes!

D.H. asks from Charleston

I asked this question at the beginning of September and got no responses...maybe I will have better luck the second time! Does anyone that has traveled recently by ...


Road Trip for 16 Hours - Any Healthy Food Choice to Bring?

L.G. asks from Denver

I am taking my 2.5 year old + 4 year old on a road trip for 16 hours. Any advice on some healthy snacks to bring along? thanks