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List of Items to Bring for 1 Year Old on a Cruise

C.W. asks from Sarasota

My husband and I will be traveling to the Western Caribbean in a few weeks and we will also be bringing our son, who just turned one last weekend!! Since I am a new ...


Reunion -- Update

A.L. asks from Washington DC

My family is having a reunion this year, and at the time, our baby will be a couple of months old. It was mentioned to me earlier this year, and I made up my mind no...


Suggestions for Toddler Backpack W/ Harness

T.K. asks from Seattle

Hello Mamas! I have a 20 month old son who loves to run around everywhere. I tend to keep him in the grocery cart or stroller when we run errands, but I would like to...


Well I Screwed That Up!

A.H. asks from Chicago

So this morning my 4 year-old son's class at preschool has a field trip. He and the other kids have been SO excited for today. They were required to be at school no...


Traveling to Europe with 11 Month Old

J.S. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have advice for traveling overseas with an 11 month old? My husband and I are planning to take our daughter to Paris then to Prague for my cousins weddin...


Teaching Girls to Sleep in Other Places

L.L. asks from San Francisco

Hi, I have 16-mon old triplets. It took me a year, but I finally got them to go to sleep at 6:30pm and to sleep in one room (in separate cribs). They are so good at i...


Won't Drink Milk from a Cup

A. asks from Milwaukee

My 13-month old daughter will not drink milk from a sippy cup...only a bottle. Her doctor said she doesn't need to drink much milk as long as she's getting dairy fro...


Moving Overseas-baby on Plane Help!

J.V. asks from San Francisco

My husband and I are moving from San Jose to Cape Town, South Africa in two weeks. Our daughter is 6 months old. What advice do you have for an infant on a looooong f...


Sippy Cup Question

S.E. asks from Houston

When should my son be weaned from his sippy cup? He's three-years-old (four in August), and uses the stage four cups (the ones that have the little hole that he suck...


How Do You Protect Infant from the Sun and Mosquitos?

L.W. asks from Raleigh

We are going to a cook out for Memorial Day. I'm just curious how you have your baby outside day and/or night, and not worry about mosquitos and the sun? He will be 4...