Infant Travel Advice: Hydrocortisone

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Winter Skin Problem

S.D. asks from Indianapolis

Okay ladies, any advice will help! In my mid-40s I have developed what appears to be winter eczema (although it doesn't act as typically described, not in body crease...


Rash, Rash, Rash!!!!!

K.R. asks from Los Angeles

Where do I begin? I took Bella into the pediatrician's office for what I thought was sever diaper rash. Her doctor sent me home with medication for a yeast infectio...



B.O. asks from Denver

My 19 yr old son has a body rash almost like bites all over his body. They almost look like chicken pox but he's had them before. This has been on going for about 1...


Seeking Help with Eczema

J.Z. asks from Chicago

I have two children ages 1 and 2 that I believe have eczema. My daughter had it when she was a new born, but has gone away for almost two years until just a couple o...


Bad Latch

S.H. asks from Dallas

I was told by my pedi to have my daughter use a pacifier after she had a breathing incident at around two weeks old. Well now she won't latch correctly & things are g...


Mosquito Bites

A.S. asks from New York

My son is 17 months and everytime he gets a mosquito bite it gets inflamed, very red & usually takes 3 weeks or more to heal. Right now he has 8 mosquito bites on his...


Horrible Diaper Rash

K.R. asks from Grand Forks

I need some serious help. My 15 month DS has a really bad diaper rash that has spread to his genitals. He cries during diaper change (obviously) and I don't know what...


Mosquito Bite on Forehead - 2.5 Yr Old

B.M. asks from Dallas

hey y'all, i was outside mowing the yard last night w/my little boy nearby. i sprayed us both w/bug repellent...well everywhere EXCEPT on our heads (duh!) anyway, i...


Going on a Cruise with Little Ones

D.S. asks from Miami

We are going on a 5-day cruise with our 11-year-old and 14-month-old twins. Do any of you have any suggestions/advice/experiences to share? Where there any things you...



L.A. asks from Dallas

While enjoying the beautiful day with my kiddos in the front yard, I noticed a few bees hanging out among the (ahem...) weeds in our flower bed. I, personally, think...