Infant Travel Advice: Hydrocortisone

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My 15 Weeks Old Has Severe Eczema on Face - HELP!!

C.C. asks from Chicago

We are now on formula number 4 per our pediatrician to see if allergy related - from Enfamil Newborn, to Gentleease to Soy and now on a hypoallogenic one. His face se...


Need Suggestions for Bath Soap/lotion for Sensitive Skin and Ezcema.

N.H. asks from Dallas

Hi fellow moms/g-moms. My 14 month old son keeps breaking out with little bumps on his torso. Sometimes it's heat rash. Sometimes it is an allergic reaction to som...


Calling All Moms with Eczema Babies!

L.W. asks from Raleigh

I don't seem to be getting anywhere with my baby's doctor so I need any advice I can get. For those of you whom have had to deal with Eczema, how do you know what cau...


Help Stop the Itching!

K.O. asks from Wichita

Recently, my skin has been SO itchy. It is mostly my legs; however my arms, back, feet, and neck itch sometimes too. The itchiness is unbearable! At night, I must ...


Itchy Ears & Head: Eczema? Allergies? Help!!!

B.H. asks from New York

My 6-month-old daughter has a case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. By day, she is a little angel. By night, she is an itching and scratching terror!!! Although her d...


Weird Abdominal Rash Starting at 20 Weeks Pregnancy

Z.C. asks from Denver

Hi-wondering if anyone knows about abdominal rashes during pregnancy. I first got it at 20 weeks, and it would started around naval area, spreading then more to the s...


Deodorant/Antiperspirant For 9 Yo W/ Sensitive Skin

K.M. asks from Austin

Hi Moms, My 9 year old (about to be 10) son has started to need and wear deodorant/antiperspirant. At first we started with a "natural, pure, organic" deodorant....


Infant Eczema

N.V. asks from Los Angeles

Hi moms Anyone have experience with this? What over the counter treatments have you used? My sons is red and patchy not so much the dry skin...any advice would be gr...


Chapped Lips

C.S. asks from Kansas City

Hi, I was wondering if anybody can give me advice. I have chapped lips and the thing is around the outside of my lip line is chapped. I have tried chapped stick ...


Travelling Abroad for 2 Weeks with a Toddler with Sensitive Skin

J.R. asks from Miami

Dear Mommas, We are going away for 2 wks abroad next month. One week at a hotel and one week with family. What special considerations should I take into account to ca...