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Fun Summer Activities

T.L. asks from Dallas

I am trying to find out any fun summer activities I can do with my kids. This is my first summer since returning to being a SAHM after 2 years of being back in the wo...


Age Appropriate Activities

J.C. asks from Salt Lake City

My son was born on 07/13/2008. We've been following our pediatricians advice and keeping him mostly at home. However- I am starting to go stir-crazy. Im wondering...


Looking for Mom and Son Activities

R.B. asks from Phoenix

Hi Moms. I have a boy and a girl (twin 3 year olds) and I'm looking for activities I can do with my son for special mom and son days. My daughter and I find lots of t...


Summer Activities and Preschooler

A.F. asks from New York

I have one daughter, age three and will most likely not be working this summer. While money is a bit tight, I need to find ways to keep my daughter busy. My first tho...


Ideas for Activities W/chidren

K.M. asks from Washington DC

Hello everyone. I have become very stressed lately and I know the culprit, but need help with changing things. After splitting with my ex, I went back to work. My ...


Rainy day/Indoor Activities for 18 Month Old?

J.T. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mammas! Do you guys have some suggestions for indoor activities for an 18 month old? My little guy is very busy and curious. I have some great places to take him ...


After School Activities for My 8 and 4 Year Olds

T.S. asks from Seattle

I'm having a hard time finding after school/weekend activities for both children. Any suggestions?


Seeking Activities to Do in Wilm., De with Babies

N.C. asks from Philadelphia

great activities to do with a five month old in wilmington.


Need FUN Summer Activities to do!......Please Help

N.O. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, Well, my 5 yr old is out of school for the summer and already we are bored out of our minds. I'm not used to not having anything to do during the week and ...


Activities for an Infant

T.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hey moms I am a new mom of an 8 month old boy. He is a lot of fun but I feel like all I do is play on the living room floor with him and then swim on the occasion it...