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School Shooting :'(!

So I have been watching all day about the school shooting. Parker my son who is 4 seen some of it on the news and let me tell you that was a very stressful and heartfelt talk we had between the two of us. He was so full of questions that for once mommy couldn't give answers that satisfied him. He ask me, "Moma were those kids bad kids? Were they being punished." I told him "No lil guy they weren't bad kids and that's not any kind of punishment. He said "Did that man not love kids?" I said "That man was very sick. And most people aren't like...

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I Hate "Boy Stuff" - Bad Mom?

Ask anyone - I am the froofiest, girly-est, pinkest GIRL you could ever imagine. So for me to have a BOY shocked everyone! I've been pretty good about it, but it's been wearing on me since Christmas with the addition of all of the "big boy toys". So here's my CONFESSION: I don't know how to play with trucks. I don't like to play trains. I hate to put Geo-Trax together. I'm tired of watching Thomas. I want to watch Cinderella and paint fingernails. I want to buy dresses and glittery shoes. I want to shop in the girls department...


Baby Shower Ideas

I am looking for any ideas in regards to Baby Showers. I will be throwing my...