Indoor Fun: Infant

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Hot Weather Indoor Activities with Infants

Anyone have any fun activities to do with a 9 month old while sitting at home being hot? I have no pool, besides a hard plastic one. Just want some ideas to keep him and myself busy without going stir crazy inside.


Best Indoor Mall

Where is the best indoor mall to take kids too - maybe with a play area?

Arts & Crafts

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Safe Arts & Crafts for Babies

Looking for fun, safe arts & crafts ideas for our 8 month old. Just a little something to start tapping into her artistic side. Everything she plays with goes in her mouth. I've seen non toxic finger paints in stores but of course they're not going to say it's edible. Any creative ideas? One friend suggested crayons as the least harmful? Pudding? Or just good old finger paints under close supervision? Thanks!

Board Games

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Board Games- When and What?

When is it a good time to introduce board games and what are some good first games you played as a family? I think it would be really fun to play these with my daughter who is 21 months old. I know the boxes all say 3+, but so many toys that are 3+ she has fun with now.


Baby Shower Games

Hi everyone: I am planning a baby shower for a friend. I have some games...


Your Baby Can Read

While trying to find something to watch on TV last Saturday night, my...


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PC Or Mac???

My PC is approaching the end of its life and I am trying to figure out what my next computer will be - a PC or a Mac. To be honest I am leaning toward a Mac because I love the photo & video programs on the Mac. Plus the whole Vista thing on the PC really scares me. I know Macs cost a bit more, but what do you think, is it worth it? I use my computer for internet, email, address book, word, excel, publishing, music, photos (lots) & some video. What would you do?


Mac V. PC

So our computer crashed. We've thought about a Mac. Any pros or cons would...


His First Computer

My son is turning 3 of Sunday!! He gets to work on computers a couple times...

Movies & TV

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Movies for Kids

I am looking for a really good list of wholesome movies for our family. We have quite a few movies, but we would like to find some new ones to add to our library!


Obsessed with the TV

Recently I introduced my daughter to movies. (She'll be two-and-a-half in...


Movies and 3D

I have been wanting to take my kids to a movie for some time. Either I can...

Video Games

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Don't Own Mature Video Games

We don't allow my 11 year old son to play mature video games at home. We don't own an Xbox or Playstation. The only video system he has is a Wii. Recently, we allowed him to buy a Teen game. When he goes over to friends houses, he plays the Mature games over there. We also have two younger children, 6 and 7 and we don't want them exposed to these games. My oldest complains almost daily that we treat him like a baby and his not so great friends make fun of him for not having these mature games and game systems. We really don't care if...


Wii or No Wii?

We have two boys, ages 8 and almost 12. We have never owned a video gaming...