Indiana Jones: Older Child

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Indiana Jones Movie for Almost 6 Year Old?

K.O. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi Moms- I remember watching this when I was a kid, but havent seen it in decades....My almost 6 year old really wants an Indiana jones movie for christmas or birt...


Need Help with Indiana Jones Themed Party

M.L. asks from Seattle

I am looking for some great ideas for my 6yr turning 7yr olds birthday party. He wants Indiana Jones for a theme. This is a toughie. I am thinking some Tiki Torche...


PG-13 Movie for 9-Year Old Birthday Party

N.S. asks from Chicago

My soon-to-be 9-year-old SD wants to have her birthday party at the movie theater when her favorite movie comes out, Eclipse. She is totally into the Twilight movies ...


Wii Games for 6 Year Old

M.M. asks from St. Louis

Hello Mamas! My son will be turning 6 years old. We are planning to get him a Wii game for his birthday. Right now all we have is the sports package that came with...


6 Year Old Birthday Party

H.C. asks from Phoenix

My son is turning 6 and he said he wants a party at home. We do have a pool but not sure a pool party in October would work. He said he wants the party inside and h...


Birthday Ideas for 6 Year Old Boy

M.C. asks from Los Angeles

My son is turing 6 in July when it is usually pretty darn hot. We tend to try and plan his party to be an indoor event just to keep kids and parents from over heatin...


Birthday Party Ideas for a 5 Year Old Boy

M.Q. asks from Los Angeles

My son's 5th birthday is coming up in December. I would love to have a party for him but I'm not sure what to do. I have a limited budget and a fairly large family! I...


Movie Question

D.K. asks from Denver

My son who is four LOVES super heroes, I mean loves them. I have watched with him all the Spiderman movies, I felt they were simple in nature, only super hero violen...


Gift Idea for 10 Yo Boy I Don't Know?

A.M. asks from Chicago

My husbands family is making an effort to reconnect after years of not being involved with eachother. I've only met them all on a handful of occasions. We are going t...


Which Is Better Wii or Xbox 360?

L.B. asks from Tampa

We currently have an old Xbox system. Our son uses it most of the time to play kids games especially the Star Wars Legos (his favorites). Since we have an old system,...