Including Kids: V Tech

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Do You Let Your Little Kids Use the Computer?

M.. asks from Detroit

My oldest is 6 and I dont allow any of them to use our computer. Mainly I just dont want them breaking our laptop. My daughter has computer class at school and thats...


Best Video Game System for 5 Year Old Girl?

C.G. asks from Nashville

Hello everyone, I am wondering if you can help! We are considering getting some kind of video game system for Christmas for our just-turned-5 year old girl. She is...


Problem Learning the Colors

I.V. asks from New York

Hi - my name is I.. My daughther Amanda just turn three about a week ago. She goes full time to day care and she is doing well. She knows all of the alphabet and n...


Learning Toys for 2Yr Old Son

T.C. asks from Tampa

I am looking to purchase one of those game systems for my 2yr old this year for chirstmas. Last year we bought him the v-tech baby smartridge system. He didnt like it...


My 3 1/2 YO Is Asking for a Nintendo DS???

C.C. asks from Chicago

Just wondering if this is "age appropriate"? Our sitter has one that the kids "play with" - I dont know if they really know what they are doing or not but guess its e...


6Yo Girl Birthday Present...

F.G. asks from Iowa City

My husband and I have been going back and forth on what to get our 6yo for her birthday. I would like to get her a Nintendo DS, he thinks she is still a little to you...


Setting Limits on Tv/video Games

K.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Mamas! I have a 5 year old son and 1 year old daughter. So far my son only watches PBS along with some disney movies. He loves legos, blocks and creative pla...


Good Educational Video Game System for Toddlers

M.R. asks from Dallas

Hello Mommies! My husband and I wish to purchase my 16 month old one of those educational video games that integrates with your T.V. I am looking for opinions on ...


Looking for a 1St Birthday gift...any Ideas?

A.S. asks from Indianapolis

My daughter is turning one in about a month and we are looking for a great birthday present for her. I was thinking about a walk and ride, but have read some reviews...


SAHM Daily Schedules ?

A.H. asks from Dallas

Just curious what other moms daily schedules are? I have a 14 month old seems like our days go by super fast but not sure where the time goes :)