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Indoor Exercise

J.G. asks from Chicago

How can I help my little kids (3 and 1 and a half) blow off steam during the winter months? I'd like to get them some exercise during the "day" (they are at daycare ...


Exercise Dvd for Teens

C.F. asks from Philadelphia

Hi, I am looking for an exercise dvd for teens it can have yoga and pilates but something which can be done at home. thanks, C.


Good Exercise Videos

J.K. asks from Casper

I'm thinking about starting a morning routine with exercise DVD's. Doea anyone have a tried and true workout DVD(s) that they can recommend? I'm in "fair" physical ...


Need to Know Is There an Exercise That Can............

Z.C. asks from Tampa

Im losing weight at a great pace I consult with my dr. with everything I do. I would like to know is there an exercise where I can lose my belly or make it flat and m...


Finding Time and Ideas to Exercise

V.R. asks from St. Louis

I feel so out of shape, even though I am chasing my 2 little ones all day. I work part time 30+ hours a week in retail so I'm constantly on the move there. Then onc...


Seeking Good Exercise Dvds

C.F. asks from Detroit

I was wondering if any of you could recomend a good exercise dvd. I was thinking maybe a pilates dvd or step aerobics or any other type of aerobics. If any of you c...


Toddler Exercise Ideas

J.L. asks from Washington DC

I took my daughter to the pediatrician for her 3 year well visit and she is 90% for weight and 50% for height. My daughter has a HUGE appetite (she eats as much as I ...


Deprived of Exercise and Need Your Suggestions?

M.O. asks from Chicago

I am a SAHM of three kids under age 7, the youngest is 3mos. I am OK with my post baby body - not thrilled, but ok since it's only been 3 mos. How do I get motivate...


Pregnancy Exercise Videos

J.B. asks from Kansas City

I am 12 weeks pregnant with my second child and as daylight savings time starts this weekend, I can no longer walk for exercise in the evenings. I do not get home fr...


How Can I Exercise with 3 Kiddos in Tow?

H.O. asks from Austin

I would like to exercise daily but am at a loss on how to do it with children. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.