In Vitro

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Baby's Abdomen Is Measuring Smaller Then the Rest of His Body

S.E. asks from Reno

I am 39 years old and struggled to get pregnant for the last 4 years. I did in vitro and I am currently 24 weeks. I went to a specialist for my first ultra sound when...


Seeking Recommendations for a Doctor for Help with Multiple Miscarriages.

L.L. asks from Kansas City

I have a good friend who is 39. She has tried to get pregnant for 5 years, with no luck. She tried in vitro twice with Dr. Lyles and did not get pregnant. The good ne...


Foster Parenting and Adoption

S.S. asks from Canton

My husband and I have been trying to concieve our 2nd child for 4 years now without any success. We have also tried some infertility treatments without success so now...


Any Experience with Frozen Embryo Transfer?

S.F. asks from Tampa

I am looking for any information from those of you who have gone through a frozen embryo transfer or know someone who has. We had a successful first attempt at in vit...



E.O. asks from Los Angeles

My neighbor has a 4 year old daughter who she finally conceived after several rounds of in vitro. She and my son are just a few weeks apart in age. She had to have a ...


Considering Second Child: Adoption or Biological?

M.I. asks from New York

Dear Friends, I am a doctor in a demanding and rewarding career that I love and a fantastic husband who shares 40% of home duties. Had my daugher at 44 years old, ea...


Unexpected Pregnancy at 39

B.T. asks from Chicago

Hi-- Years ago I was told I would never get pregnant on my own, so we did in vitro and I have twin daughters age 4 1/2. A month ago I found out I was pregnant and i...


Filing for Divorce and Scared to Pieces; but Sometimes Feel at Peace Too

S.L. asks from Boston

Funny, well, not so funny thing about it is, I never wanted to marry this man. He kind of talked me into it. I did love him and had a lot in common at first....I re...


Question About Additional Frozen Embryos

K.L. asks from New York

The baby that I am carrying now is the product of in vitro fertilization. Our second round of IVF was successful, leaving us with 7 additional frozen embryos. I am re...



B.M. asks from Salt Lake City

Thanks for the advice