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Pregnant Feeling or "Bloated" Feeling?

J.B. asks from Hartford

I need help ladies. I'm almost 15 weeks pregnant for the first time. My belly is definitly popping a bit. I keep forgetting to ask the doctor this! Have any of yo...


Finding a Job While Pregnant

L.S. asks from Omaha

Hello, Moms! I just wanted to get a little advice or to see if anyone out there ever applied for a new job and/or was hired at a new job while already pregnant. I am ...


Tailbone, Sacral Pain While Pregnant

A.D. asks from Boston

Hi mommas! I was hoping someone may have some advice about possible remedies for pain in my tailbone area. I am 25 weeks pregnant, and sit a computer for 7.5 hours ...


Where Should the Baby Be at Almost 17 Weeks Pregnant?

V.K. asks from Minneapolis

I will be 17 weeks pregnant on Monday. I expected the baby to be up by my belly button by now, but the only movements I feel (And yes, they are baby movements) are do...


Pregnant Daughter in Lots of Pain

T.W. asks from Dayton

Hello all! My oldest child and daughter is almost 7 1/2 months pregnant (29 weeks & 3 days). She is having LOTS of pain low in her belly, and her hips pop while walk...


Pregnant and Needing Advice Badly

K.P. asks from Boston

Hi, I am really in need of some advice from all of you moms out there. I am pregnant, I am not far along at all but I am def. pregnant. I am scared to death to make t...


Women Who Drink While Pregnant???

C.A. asks from Dallas

During my wild, partying college years, there was a young woman who sometimes frequented the nightclub I did. She was very far along in her pregnancy and I remember ...


Pregnant Again After Only 9 Months!!

R.M. asks from Omaha

Hello, I am 7 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby. I have a son who is 10 months old. I am just wondering if some of you have kids this close or closer. My concerns are...


Whether or Not to Get Pregnant Again

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

I have a question and please try not to judge as this is very hard for me! I have been with my partner now for a little over 4 years and we have a 2 1/2 year old dau...


Not Been Able to Get Pregnant

Y.H. asks from McAllen

Hi I'm 18 years old i got married in January 14, 2008 ( i was 17) ... 4 months later we decided to have a babe just about a week or 2 i had a really bad abdominal pai...