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14 Year Old Thinks Rules Too Strict - NO MORE RESPONSES PLEASE. THANKS for ALL!

K.L. asks from Memphis

My 14 year old daughter seems to think a few of my rules are too strict. So, she asked me if I’d get the opinion of other mothers – particularly those I don’t ...


13 Year Old and Boyfriend??

M.M. asks from Dallas

Hello- Would you let your 13 year old DD have a boyfriend? I remember liking boys and having boyfriends at that age. But it would be like two weeks and then break...


I'm Pregnant Again

L.W. asks from Springfield

I have a handsome one year old boy. Last week I found out that I am pregnant again.....already. I wasn't planning on trying again until he was at least two. My hus...


12 Year Old Daughter Walking to and from School

M.F. asks from Charlotte

My 12 year old daughter wants to start walking to school, I'm scared, I told her I would think about it, but now I'm not sure, because you never know what can happen ...


12 Yo Daughters Best Friend Says Shes Pregnant

G.B. asks from Washington DC

My 12 yo came home today and said her best friend told her she was pregnant and that she had ultra sound pictures and everything. I asked her if her friend looked pre...


Pregnant & Nervous

L.M. asks from Orlando

hello - i just found out last wed that i am pregnant (at home pregnancy test) -- my daughter is 11. i'm engaged to be married, wedding is scheduled for may 1st. i lov...


Pregnant at 45!

T.F. asks from Los Angeles

Hello mama's, I am currently 8 wks pregnant with baby #5!! This was a total shock to me! I have 4 kids already ranging in age from 6 to 25! I guess I really thought w...


Pregnant with Second baby.....does It Get Much Harder??

D.P. asks from Philadelphia

I am three months pregnant and already have a 20 month old beautiful daughter. I am just a little worried about having two children now. Is there a huge difference be...


How Do You Know When They Are Ready to Move to Their Own Bed?

P.R. asks from Los Angeles

How do you know when your children are ready to move from their crib or co-sleeping in a big bed with mom to their own bed? My 19 month old twin boys have different ...


My 14 Y/o Is Pregnant.

K.I. asks from Indianapolis

Hi Mamas. I don't want this to get long but I could use some advice from anyone who's got experience with teen pregnancy. Please don't comment if it's only to judge...