In the Womb: The First Years

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18 Year Old Daughter Wants to Move in with Boyfriend

Help, my daughter who just turned 18, working and going to college wants to move in with her boyfriend. The boyfriend lives with mom at the grandparents house. I tell her to please think things through its a bad idea.

Third Trimester

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What Made You Decide to Have a Third Child?

I am a mother of 2 daughters and am contemplating adding a third and final child to our family. We would be extremely happy to welcome another child into our life. I know how busy and expensive life is with 2 children and I wanted to find out how you made your decision to have another child and how you managed to "keep your head above water" having a newborn and 2 older children. Is having 3 children overwhelming?


Not Ready for #2

I'm feeling a little depressed at the moment and need some encouragement. I...